Our Firm

Independent, objective and committed. I am a full-service financial professional committed to helping people achieve their financial goals. I offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners.

I research many types investments and insurance products to find the strategic match for your needs; whether they be short or long term goals, income or growth oriented and tax affected or not. I employ a long-term, holistic approach to the services necessary to work toward your goals. To that end, I network closely with your other professionals including CPA’s, estate planning and eldercare attorneys, insurance agents and many investment professionals in creating a strategy for your success. Contact me for professional references.

With clients spread across multiple states, I have found most prefer I travel to them or we use technology to efficiently conduct business whenever and wherever works best. I’m outgoing and enjoy face-to-face engagement but mobility and communication-flexibility is often more practical in our society today.

I believe most people are smart enough to know working with professionals leverages their efforts. I treat every client like I will see them face to face every day. Their concerns become my concerns as we develop creative strategies to help meet their personal and financial potential. I believe individuals need professional financial guidance because investing takes time, strategic thinking and experienced management. Investing and Financial Planning are my vocational interest. I practice every day to become better skilled at serving my clients.

To be fully productive, an individual’s financial planning must be cohesive. Each element performs its function and to help balance out the whole for maximum efficiency, risk management and overall success. As your financial professional, it is my job to maintain a comprehensive vision of your total portfolio and make adjustments where necessary to keep your allocation aligned with your risk tolerance and goals.

Please contact me to answer any questions about the financial products and services we provide.