Our Philosophy

Philosophy is the underlying values and practices that govern my relationship with you. My approach is that of relationship first. I strive for a relationship where you and I could see each other every day and remain enthusiastic about what we are accomplishing together; regardless of how the investment market is performing on that particular day.

I believe that wealth is a necessary element that helps to provide financial independence.  My mission is to help clients work toward that in four major areas: 

Financial Planning - Investing - Managing Assets - Mitigating Risk

Most people with life experience know that success isn't random. Success results from having a plan, investing the necessary resources and then monitoring the plan over time to help achieve the goal.

Many people have their own definition of financial independence. I like to consider financial independence as having enough money for a lifestyle that allows you to pursue your passions.

My financial planning service is a formal process of prioritizing your financial goals and creating a strategy to pursue those goals. Investing involves acquiring assets with the goal that they will provide income when you need the money. Managing assets involves managing risk and budgeting cash flow.

I believe the best way to serve you as a client is by:

  • providing advice,
  • by being honest and direct in our interactions with each other, and by
  • developing a cohesive plan that reflects your total and unique financial picture.

No two clients are the same. There are similarities but no two financial plans or investment strategies are exactly the same. When we create a wealth plan together, I research several recommendations for discussion before moving objectively forward.

As your financial advisor, I take my responsibility to you seriously.  That's the way I like it. Your financial success is my objective.

That said, there will be times I work for you without compensation. I often introduce and sit with clients during initial meetings with other professionals for example. I believe that pursuing your overall financial success will strengthen our relationship and ultimately benefit us all.

What is your definition of financial independence? Contact me and let's start working to achieve your financial goals.